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LEM grinder arrived incomplete

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I ordered a 8 .35 hp grinder off Amazon. It arrived without the cutting wheel 😢. I called LEM and they said they were out and there was a 6 week delay before they could ship one to me 😡😡😡😡.

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LEMS customer service sucks! After the problems I had I will never order another LEM product.
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Thankfully Amazon has a generous return policy. If it had been a reasonable delivery time I would have waited. But 6 weeks is insane.
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Is that an 8.35 hp grinder or a .35 hp grinder???  If it is an 8.35 hp grinder I'm pretty sure you could also use it as a wood chipper and possibly to shred cars into scrap metal!


Either way, sucks that you didn't get all parts and even worse on the delivery time for the cutting wheel.  I don't blame you for returning it.

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It's a number 8 grinder. 0.35 hp. Lol
I abbreviated too much 😂😂
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I've been waiting for a grinder cleaning kit since February. Every 2 weeks, they say it's expected to be in stock in 2 weeks.
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Sorry to hear that Choppy. Those little brushes are really nice. I've found toothpicks do the best job on the smallest holes for poking the meat out.

The replacement grinder arrived WITH ALL parts! 😀👍🏻
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