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pork Butt bones

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the other day we made sausage and used (3) Boston butts and I decided not to trim the bone to close so I stuck them in the freezer until this morning when i decided

to put a little dry rub on them and throw them on the grill , they  turned out quite tasty   


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looks good. bet they would do wonders for a pot of beans. I did similar with a ham bone. Smoked it again and used in beans...good stuff

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I never said that a bone looked good before, but that bone looks good.
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amazing what a little rib rub and bbq sauce can do huh !!!!!.....I think from now on when we make sausage I'm just going to start a collection and when I get a bunch of them,  it has the best bark to meat ratio of anything I have ever cooked ..its slap yo mama good

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Save up the bones and put rub on them and into the smoker they go. Smoke for about an hour or so. They make the best smoky soup broth. Add some beans and ham. 

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Another idea for you, pull out of freezer, drizzle w/olive oil and smoked salt. Put them on Sheet pan, in oven on convect bake 200*. Till browned and add to pot of homemade spaghetti sauce, simmer low for hours... Meat falls off and flavors sauce, discard bones when done. Tasty!!

Good luck
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