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Pulled smoked chuck roast, sandwiches and a butt too! (with pics)

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I’m a newbie here and it’s time to show some creds.


I’ve had a pile of Angus beef parts in my freezer since last year when my dad bought in to a cow and shared downstream. Really flavorful, grass fed and finished in some fancy way before slaughter…West Virginia mountainside beef.


With summer coming, my freezer was lacking Food-Savered packages of pulled pork and pastrami and other stuff I eat on through the winter (I’ll address the pastrami in another thread), but heavy on stuff like roasts usually more welcome in winter.


I saw this nice chuck slab and thought, “wonder if anybody is smoking these?”. Well duh…I’ll bet somebody has smoked nearly everything out there…wouldn’t surprise me if people were smoking strawberries…and not in a pipe…


So I went for it as well as a pork Butt that needed smoking.


I used the yellow mustard pre-rub for the first time on both of these. That’s not why my pics are a little yellowish though, that’s just poor lighting and camera work.


The Butt got a BBQ rub I have used and refined for years, nothing outside the box from what many here use. On the beef I made a rub of kosher salt, black pepper, granulated garlic and onion powder.


Here’s a shot of the two at about 8.5 hours at 225. The Butt (on the left) was at 178° the Chuck was at 190°


Getting tired of this meat taking so long and wanting to have the beef for dinner, I cranked up the smoker to 235 and foiled the beef. I was lazy and didn’t want to open a can of broth so I made up a half cup of bouillon and poured it in there. I sensed it might be a risk, but it came out fantastic. Here it is right out of the smoker 45 minutes later. (at this time I also cranked up the smoker to 240 to get that danged butt to come to temp)


And yes, it was "fall off the bone"


Clean bone club over here!


Hand pulled and tossed with that bit of juice in the foil


While the meat was taking its sweet time in the smoker I began to plot my Saturday night awesome sandwich for me and management (My loving wife). So I said…”hmmm…beef…yep, caramelized onions!”

Very caramelized


A sandwich had been the plan all along, so I had thawed out a couple onion ciabatta rolls. Waaayyy awesome. I pulled out a couple slices of pepper jack cheese to come to room temp and whipped up a quick horseradish mayo. Then I had what I thought was a stroke of brilliance and tossed the caramelized onions with the portion of beef for the sandwiches.


I pulled out the old George Foreman Grill (It’s a Hamilton Beach but I don’t know what to call this thing otherwise, a pic of it is coming down the string here)


I split the rolls, buttered the insides and put them on the (griddler?) inside out to mark and toast the insides.


Loaded the beef and onion mixture


The pepper jack cheese


Then buttered the outside and on the griddle they go. I just dipped my clean fingers in to the butter spread and slathered it on. You’ll see the spread I use for this type of stuff in couple more pics.


Years ago I did some surgery on this griddle/grill and took the retaining clip off the hinges. So now I can use it in the clamshell setup the way it was sold, but I can also unhinge it so it’s loose and the top can rest more evenly over a stacked sandwich or Panini. Now THAT was a stroke of brilliance if I do say so myself and has made for years of awesome sandwiches.


Nice huh? There’s the butter spread I like to use. A little less coronary damage and the stuff tastes great and cooks well. (I do use real butter all the time in other stuff).


Proof or proper meltage


And dinner is served. Yep, that’s homemade Giardinera right there…I also make pickles…and a hell of a lot of other stuff. Nope, those aren’t homemade fries…I had plenty to do this day and hand cutting and double frying fries was not going to happen in addition to everything else. As it was, dinner was after 9PM. These are Walmart generics and they fry up great…Oh yea…I keep two deep fryers teed up out in the garage too…but this is not a deep frying forum now is it? We decided the onions would have been best as a layer and not mixed with the beef because they detracted from the beef a little as mixed in... and that beef had a serious smoke on it too.



Oh yea! The Butt! I discovered how fall apart tender it was because I literally dropped the rack. Yep, slid it out of the smoker too far and it crash landed. Fortunately I keep a piece of stainless on the deck in front of the smoker to fend of drippings when I slide the racks out to turn and temp check. It was fairly clean and most of the meat stayed right on the rack...and at over 200° it would kill any bacteria that got on it anyway...then there's reheating. But why am I trying to justify?'re not eating any of it! The body needs a little dirt for immune practice anyway…have you seen the kitchens in some of these old smokehouses? My back deck is no threat…

This is literally how it fell apart upon landing. was time to pull it


And pull it some more

Nice bark huh? That's my favorite bits. And yes that's the same casserole dish I had the beef in...sue I said, you're not getting any anyway! All is Food-Savered and in the freezer now...well, except for some of the pork of course...I feel some pulled pork nachos coming on.


But tonight it's going to be homemade ravioli! No...I don't smoke I wont be sharing those pics here. In fact I wont even "pic" at all...kinda done with the blogging work for the time being.


Keep on smokin' on...smokers!

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CKD, Your smoke looks like a great success! Nice grub !!!!!:points:

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All looks awesome, esp the sandwiches.  :drool

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Geez now I'm really hungry!!!!


Great looking sandwiches!

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Man, that meal is awesome looking and your thread is top notch! Great work today.
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Wow, that's a lot of tasty looking food! Great post...nice smoke! icon14.gif


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Thanks all!:yahoo:

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