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Small pork loin today

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Here's the other half to a small pork loin I cut in half: the other half was used for regular pulled pork, this one I'm going to sauce after its pulled. Going in at 225, going to rest it at IT of 135 in one of my coolers wrapped in foil and a beach towel.

Here's the obligatory first pic.

Happy smokin' Sunday everyone!

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Forgot to mention that the rub is a Memphis style one my wife and I bought at Fleet Farm yesterday.

So, after a little more than 2 hours in the smoker at about 250 (hey, I overshot the temp, it happens), I was over my 135 set temp. Removed it from the smoker, wrapped in two layers of foil, 3 bar towels to soak up any leaking juices, and finally, the beach towel. You can see the temp continues to climb in the cooler. In fact, as I wrote this, it's at 149. 3 more hours (or so) in the cooler and we'll be having some pulled pork!






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Change of plans, family wanted sliced instead of pulled. Nice and tender, great flavor.

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That looks really good! Well done indeed!

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Way to go bulkman! I love sliced loin over pulled. Looks delicious
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