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First time smoke today

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Using a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker, be my first smoke ever.

Reading through Jeff's book, going to go easy the first time, doing chicken legs and thighs. Using Jeff's brine recipe, made them up this morning, they are soaking in ziploc bags in the refrigerator. Have some bag potatoes I am going to throw in near the end to see how they turn out.

Just picked up Maverick ET-733 thermometer, have a needle valve ordered but will not arrive until next week.  Following Jeff's instructions, taking notes to record what I am doing.


If time allows today I wanted to pick up a cast iron skillet to use for the wood chunks instead of using the pan Master built gave me

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Good luck! You seem to be doing everything right so far.

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turned out well, definitely need the needle valve, was hell trying to keep it under 240, had to turn the burner on an off to keep it within the correct temp range.

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Those look pretty good! Now get your butt over to rollcall and introduce yourself properly.
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