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1st time owner of a smoker, and 1st time to use it today. I had a few questions that I wanted to ask to help learn the ropes. For reference I have a Char Broil gas vertical smoker.

Question 1: how do you prevent wood chips from flaring up? I soaked some hickory chips for around 45 minutes (as directed).. But once I had a decent smoke going I had 2 serious flare ups is this a temp issue or a dry chip issue?

Question 2: Do I need to focus on the dampener to control the temp inside the smoker or the hi/low setting of the temp dial?

The main thing I want to learn is about flare ups. I've read multiple articles stating that soaking chips make a difference/and it doesn't make a difference. Should I use chunks? Or maybe wrap them in foil? The particular model has a weird chip/ water pan Combo I'm using the whole thing for chips and using a cake pan for water. I did notice that my chips burned down very quickly. Is this normal or not?
I apologize for the bombardment of questions. I want to learn everything I can about smoking so any advice would be very appreciated.
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I'am not familiar with your smoker & it's design, maybe another owner of that unit will chime in here. But if your chip tray is set up as ya say weird, ya may look into an AMNPS. I have one & it works great with sawdust & there's all kinds of options ! If your interested, ya can check one out on this link....

Also in most smokers the water pan is for temp control, some folks use the pan & some don't ! I have a WSM with a water pan that I filled with sand & foiled over for easy cleanup !
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Make sure you do not have to many chips in the pan.

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I found that opening the the lid or fuel door, soon after adding chips, can cause them to ignite because of the extra oxygen it will bring in.

Edit- on my Masterbuilt 7 in 1
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