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So I have a bunch of maple wood that I got from a friend, half of it has been hollowed out by bugs. I haven't seen any bugs since getting the wood. Is it still OK to use in my wood smoker?
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You must do as you think. Something to think about though. I love pecan smoke. At a very young age my Pop showed me you can use pecan shells vice the wood and have a renewable resource for the trash. So when I was in college at a friends camp I was showing how smart I was at the grill/smoker and threw on some pecan shells. They were off the ground and most still had pecan meat in them. OMG BITTER smoke! yes I had impressed them with the ruined Canadien geese. Pop explained that only the shells which are dry and meatless make good smoke.


I would probably have to try the wood personally, but it would be using hamburger. Oh and never ever tell anyone or I doult they'll eat at your house again, even if its good!

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Thanks. I don't think that it should be an issue because it is being burned. I just wanted to make sure
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