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My First Time Today - Help Please

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So I'm smoking bacon for the first time today but I don't know how much wood chips to use, how much water to put in the pan (water pan is on the left/ wood pan is on the right). I got this from a friend used for 30 bucks so I don't have a manual :(
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I smoke bacon all the time. Finished a 20 lb batch 2 days ago. Fill you chip pan to the top and put in about a quart of water. The water is not big deal but the chips are. I use a combo of alder, apple and fruit woods. Some time I add pecan. Bacon needs to cook to an internal temp of about 160. At about 225, that will take 2 - 3 hours.  It also need a lot of smoke. I fill the pan 2 times. After the bacon is smoked, put it in the frig for 24 hours to let the smoke go through the meat. I always leave the skin on during curing and smoking, and remove the skin after the bacon is done and before I slice it.  But that's the way I do it. I use the smoked skin for soaps.  

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I may not have been clear. Do not add any water to the chip pan. The wood chips need to be dry. NOT soaked.

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So how did this turn out?  :pot:

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Here is a pic of my last batch. I do about 20 pounds at a time. Sure is good.

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Very nice! b

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question: I have some pork in cure, making some buckboard bacon (eventually, after curing is done). What IT should I be looking for brining the pork to? I've seen different numbers thrown around, and unsure if there truly is a magic or safe number out there.


I've seen: 120,140,160, 154 (like I bring my smoked sausages to). just don't want to screw this one up (though I may not have a choice in that one, knowing me).


Just looking for some direction on hopefully the last question I have about it.

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I have made buckboard bacon and brought it up to a IT of about 155 - 160. The same temp as my regular bacon. I also have cured pork in the past and it turned out very good. I do a corned pork shoulder, following the same process as corned beef. I brought the IT up to about 158, took it off the smoker and let it sit. It continued up to about 160+. I don't think you can go wrong with IT of 150 to 160.  

Let us know how it turns out.

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