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Smoking with "Fire Logs"

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I'm doing a suckling pig rotisserie style over a fire pit and I've been trying to find a local firewood supplier so I can keep the fuel costs down. I came across someone selling "Woodchucks fire logs", which are primarily made from hickory, oak and cherry trimmings + sawdust that have been pressed into logs (no additives). The price is right but I can't find any info online about people cooking over these logs.


Has anyone ever used fire logs like these? I guess my main concern is they'll burn too fast and not give off much smoke.


Here's pics of what they look like:




Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

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I never used this, but their specs say the moisture content is 6% to 8%. That is about the same as Kiln Dried Cabinet Grade Lumber.


So if you ever used any Hardwood scraps from a Cabinet Shop, it should perform very similar.




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