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What do you foil with?

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 I've read a lot about Johnny Triggs method, and it just seems too sweet, I've heard of some folks who use Dr Pepper,..what do you use?

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Lets see, this is in the pork section so I'm guessing you're asking about ribs or butts. I don't wrap my ribs but when I wrap butts I use a little apple cider.  That's it.  I've used cola, triple sec, and other things.  Like apple cider the best.

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I'm going to be close to No boundaries on this one. I use Apple juice with the butts and ribs. I've had dr pepper ribs, didn't much like them. I prefer not to foil the ribs and just sauce them, just my personal taste.
- Ryan
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Well , I don't Foil or Sauce , I do sprinkle a bit of Raw Sugar on them about 30min. before pulling . This gives just the right sweetness combined with my Rub.


The sauce is a condiment on the table.

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I use a bit of apple juice when foiling.

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