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Meet 'ROLLO'

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 This is the newest addition to the Family , a rescued Mini-Pin - cross . She's 3y/o , has had a litter of pups , and is super alert and well mannered .


She will be my BBQ buddy . I sat out in the Q-Bana for several hours and she fit right in ,fire and all. I did some improvements to the place and added some power , radio , and cleaned up around the area . Looking good , I'll get some Q-View tomorrow. 


I really want to Smoke something , I'll hit SWMBO up Friday.


Thanks for welcoming Rollo to the group .


Have fun and . . .

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Hi Rollo.

Sounds like she will fit right in here.
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Welcome Rollo! welcome.gif
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I'm a bit partial to them min-pins, only in the full size version.  I'm sure Rollo will be a great addition to the family and a great BBQ buddy!


My dogs never were great BBQ buddies.  The kept licking the smoker and demanded a taste test if/when I opened the door.  They all made great Beer buddies though.  Just never could get even one of them to fetch me a beer.  Maybe the next one?

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Nice looking pooch Stan. Have you taught it to do any tricks like lay down, roll over, fetch a beer or mop the meat?
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