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Smoking baby back ribs for the 1st time.

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For the water tray, just fill and put in at the same time as wood chips before preheating. Smoker has been preseasoned.

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First off, Welcome! Do a quick search on baby backs and your type of smoker. You will find tons of info.

Most everyone on here suggest you do not use water, rather fill the bowl with sand and cover with foil.

You don't want to steam your ribs, smoke em. Also the sand helps hold temps.


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This is just before I wrapped ribs in foil, they look good, I think.  I'll check on them in 2 hrs. Still didn't have any noticeable smoke. You can tell the chips don't show any sign of burning. Any thoughts?


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Are your vents open? The chips need airflow. What temp are you smoking at? Looks like you may need to light the chips to get them going. The heating element might not be getting hot enough or close enough to get the chips burning. Also you don't want your ribs dripping on the chips. That will put out the fire. If you have had those on for a few hours already, you should have needed to replace the wood chips a couple of times??? What smoker do you have?

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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a warm cloudy day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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Looking good from here !

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Ribs look good, but it's been 7 hours. Where's the Q view?!
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