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Canadian needs help!

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I have done a lot of searching and cannot figure this out. I think one reason is that some cooking a brisket up here is almost unheard of. Can some one please explan to me the terms brisket, flat and packer some pics may even help. I bought a brisket from the butcher the other day but not really sure what I actually got.

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Hello Beaver Hunter,

The best place for knowledge is to use the search forum. Try "Grilling Beef" as an entry "Ablancher" explains the cuts quite well there.

An alternative is to go to Different countries often have different names for a similar cut.


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We call that a "Packer"..... full brisket..... point and flat and all the fat.... Well, sort of a full brisket.... It's from one side of the cow... so it's half of a brisket.... if you were to ask the cow that is....
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Ive smoked alot briskets Here in Ontario.Take a picture of it out of the bag .How many LBs does it weigh?

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Yes , what you have is a Packer , the Point is the thicker part on the right side of your last shot , the flat is the meatier piece with Point and it's associated Fat


covering the end.


Some trim the fat , but I leave it and let it  help 'Baste' the flat .


Gather up your patience , you'll need it on this one. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome .


Have fun and . . .

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