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Chimney for MES

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Guys, is there is section for chimney mods for MES smokers for guys using them indoors?  I want find out what rating insulation is required, what parts guys are using, safety considerations etc.  Thanks.

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Something like this work?


6 in. Air-Tite Take-Off ($7):



6 in. x 12 ft. Insulated Flexible Duct with Metalized Jacket - R8 ($25)



6 in. Vent Cap ($11)


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I don't think you would need to insulate the chimney but if you do, standard duct insulation is not sufficient. You would want fire rated insulation to be safe. You will need to set it up in a way that the duct run can be as straight up and down as possible. You don't want condensation to buildup and run back into your smoker. 

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If the duct runs straight up, wont the condensation run straight down into the smoker?  I had the idea of putting a smoker in a vertical storage shed, and installing a chimney on the roof.  That way you could close the doors if it starts to rain or a storm comes up.  It will also keep toddlers away.  But I figured the insulation would need an S shape to prevent water running down directly into the smoker? 


On the insulation - do they sell pre-insulated fire rated ducts at Home Depot or Lowes? 

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I guess smoking inside could be a serious risk wow:


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