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Originally Posted by AK1 View Post

Do you notice a common thread?.... Direct contact.


Look, I posted facts about zinc. Whether one wants to use it or not, is a personal choice. Plain and simple, there are no issues with using galvanized fittings in a smoker. Not grate surfaces that are in direct contact, but screws and nuts are not an issue.


Yes, I noticed the common thread. I wouldn't hesitate to use galvanized fasteners, except maybe directly over the meat where dripping could be a problem. I would even patch holes in the sides with galvanized and I already use it for smoke ducting. The NSF has a pretty low opinion of wood, but lots of people have smokehouses made of wood.

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ive seen commercial electric smokers made entirely out of 20g galvanized sheet. most who wont use it are of the better safe than sorry philosophy.

IF you clean the inside with oven cleaner it will strip the coating off.

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Sorry to reiterate what has already been posted by JJ, Dirtsailor and AK1 but the dangers of using galvanized components in a smoker have a long time ago reached urban myth status - with many people simply basing their opinions on other peoples posts.


When you try to find hard, credible, evidence of any dangers of using galvanized components (at the temperatures we are looking at in the smoker), it is just does not appear to be there. The only firm guidelines that I have seen so far is that it should not be used in areas that will come in direct contact with the food or areas where liquids could drip from it directly onto the food.


If you are in any personal doubt about its safety when used in non-food contact areas of the smoker then simply do not use it. It is irresponsible though to propagate alarmist information about its dangers without also being able to offer credible supporting evidence. 

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