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20 hours?

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I just smoked a 6 lbs boston butt at 235-250 degrees and it took 20 hours.  At 1.5 hours a lbs it should have been 9-10 Why are they taking so long? does this happen is it normal? I am using a fridge conversions electric smoker that does loose a lot of heat when I open the door but I only opened the door 3 times: when I put it in, when I refilled my smoke maker, and to check the thermometer placement. Does anyone have any input for me?   

Thank you

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Butts are done when they are done.  They can be quite contrary sometimes.  I expect 18 hrs for my butts but leave two hour extra just in case.  I don't think your doing anything wrong.  Some folks here have taken to smoken butts with high heat and have rave reviews, I'll just take my time.



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Butts can take there sweet time that's for sure! Have you checked your therms accuracy?
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That does sound like a long time and it also seems like a very large rig for one six pounder.


I have a question for you, did you have it on the top shelf ??


Depending on the size i'll halve it or if it's really big in thirds. Two reasons more surface area for smoke and a dramatic reduction in time.



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Yes it is on the top shelf along with the thermometer. I checked my thermometers in boiling water; both register 212. 

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My 7lber just took 19 with the last hour at 255
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Since you check the  thermometers and its good And you had it by the meat its all good then. I have had butts on for 24 hours before. like they say: its done when its done.

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Did you wrap and what type of smoker?  On my 30" MES Gen II, if i don't wrap, my butts consistenly take 16-20+hrs to come up to 203.....  Its one reason i'm switching to wrapping now.  

I'm not sure if its just my smoker or the butts i'm buying or what, but mine take a long time too.

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I've got a 6 pounder on right now, started at 3am yesterday morning just hit 205 at 5 pm, 14 hours. I hope it's worth the wait! BTW 18" Weber Smokey Mountain.

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Just done an 11 lber yesterday ! Temp was stable at 250* took 18 hrs ! I've had some done sooner too, each one is a little different !

Here's a good article to read by a great contributer to the site !
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Sounds like a real long time to me. I usually smoke 8 lb'ers avg, at 225 and takes 12 to 14 hours



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I'm with Gary. I cook at 225*F and a 10 pounder is my usual size . They normally get done in my timing guess ,


but now and then there is a Butt that has morefat and connective material and it takes longer than usual to melt


it down . This is why my motto is "Patience" .


And I try not to open the lid during the cook (if I do , it's for a very short time , enough to just see the prob.) . I


do open it when I do Wings or other quickcooking foods. Leaving the lid shut also increases the moisture in the


cooker , thus a moister finish .


 You can see the (what I  call) 'sweat' , the moisture you kept in the Smoker by  leaving the lid shut . 




 And the bone pull test proves the Love you gave them.




Have fun and . . . 

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Originally Posted by MIlo View Post

I just smoked a 6 lbs boston butt at 235-250 degrees and it took 20 hours.  At 1.5 hours a lbs it should have been 9-10 Why are they taking so long?

Thank you


They are taking that long primarily because you are cooking "low and slow", if you turn up the heat you will cut down on cooking time. Very simple, no complicated explanations needed.

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