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SWMBO demands burgers made all wrong!

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SWMBO: Honey, I want burgers tonight.

Me: Okay honey, that sounds GREAT! You know I like any excuse to fire up the Kamado.

SWMBO: But.... You know I don't like them too thick, could you make them much thinner?

Me: Well, I guess I could, but you know I normally like them thick and juicy, and with a russet smoke ring.

SWMBO: Oh, thanks for reminding me, I don't want them smoky either.

Me: (unprintable) Grumble....Are you sure? (ever so faint hint of wounded dog whine in my voice). 

SWMBO: Yes, that is exactly how I want them.

SWMBO exits stage left, and leaves a disconsolate protagonist center stage eyes downcast. 


So I tried to figure out how to make myself okay with the criteria. 

Then It came to me...Smashburgers, they are thin, and with no grate underneath, less smoke is absorbed.

The Big Joe was loaded with charcoal (and a small bit of hickory, Shhhh, don't tell SWMBO).

The half-moon griddle was put in the lowest position, and the grill was fired up.

While I waited, some sweet onions were sautéed, along with some portabella mushrooms. 

After the grill (and griddle) was up to temperature, the balls of beef were thrown onto the griddle, and with a wicked searing sound the cook was underway.

When juices started to openly pool on the top, a quick flip was done, and a quick sear was performed.

A few brief moments and the burgers were done.



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My wife throws in those strange requests too. What's a guy to do!

Tasty looking burger!
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Very nice looking plate of food!.....and a very smart play. Well done!

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I just ate and I would do that Burger now.Nicely done keeping the peace at home.Thumbs Up

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Those Tater-Tots look fantastic:icon_mrgreen:

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The tater tots were seasoned with Kosher salt and Kamado Joe vegetable seasoning before cooking.  The KJ seasoning gave a nice savory kick to the spudbits.

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