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Smoked Pork Belly

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So one of my favorite things to do when I'm getting ready to make Bacon is to pull out a 

large hunk of belly and just smoke it up for smoked pork belly. 


I started out with about a 3 lb piece that came from the 20 lbs of pork belly I was getting ready 

to cure for bacon. I took that small piece and smoked it over hickory wood for about 4 hours in my 

Lang smoker at 225 deg.


Afterwards I served some of it up over rice with a little sweet chili sauce and soy and a bit of hot mustard on the side. 

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Always Tasty! Nice smoke!

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I just did this two weeks ago for my first time. I was always too greedy with my sow belly to try it before.  If ya ain't had it, well its like trying to explain that smoke taste to a girl without taste buds (or would that be budettes?).


This is totally awesome, and totally rich. I like the rice idea, I used sweet taters to cut that over abundance of liquid nectar. I can see where rice would have been a better choice.


Beautiful piece of belly too btw.

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Looks great! Good luck with the bacon!
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That looks freaking AWESOME!!

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I will have to find a place to get a pork belly.  This is on my todo list.

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Nice , on my bucket list . ..

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I always get my pork belly from the butcher. But if you have an asian market near you they will have them. 

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