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Hello.  Keep in mind that that temp gauge may be faulty.  The needle just may not go above 220.  I would look on E-Bay for stove rope and high temp silicone.  Saves you hassle as delivered to your door.  Keep Smokin!


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I did also have my digital thermometer in there with the probe at the level where the meat would be. That was saying a lower temperature (210F). I know the thermometer on the smoker goes about 400F as I tested it.
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I picked mine up from the local plumbers merchants, and don't forget the high temperature glue if you are going to glue the rope in place.

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Ok thanks
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Hi All


I ordered some stove rope/tape to fix the gaps on my smoker.

Hopefully I will have it all fitted by Friday, then I can smoke my first meat (chicken legs)  :grilling_smilie:



Here is what I ordered:

2 metres - Black Flat Self Adhesive Stove Tape 8mm x 3mm
3 metres - Black Stove Rope 14mm
125ml - Black Stove Rope Glue
300mm - Black Stove Rope End Sealing Tape


All sent Royal Mail 1st class so 3 days max.


Total: £27.00

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Hiya Mikey, You will still need to buy some high temperature silicone to fill  the smaller gaps. 

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Ohhhh I forgot to order that hahaha.


Just ordered some "VITCAS Heat Resistant Silicone"

£6.19 inc next day delivery.



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I found the best way to create a really good seal on the doors was to put the sealant around the door opening (to be sealed) and then put a coating of vegetable oil around the opening door (where it will come into contact with the sealant when the door is closed), then close the door onto the silicone and let it cure.  If you have done it correctly the vegetable oil should have stopped the silicone from sticking the the opposite door and you should have a nice tight seal.


I am sure other members will have different ways of making a tight seal, but this worked for me.


I noticed a couple of days ago that a few gaps had appeared around the door, so I will have to repeat the process.

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Ok I will maybe give that a try.
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Hi Mr V, I enjoy a bit of offset smoking as well, and although i burn mostly wood, i have fairly recently moved from briquettes to lumpwood form my base fire.  It gets up to temp quicker and leaves a lot less ash - helpful when you are doing a 12 hour cook.  I have noticed that if i leave the lumpwood in the chimney too long i lose a lot of heat time.  


As soon as you dump the lumpwood in there close the firebox lid, leave the vents open, and think about getting a brick to sit on the handle, it helps with those types of offsets.    


Another useful feature to get it a large tray (maybe a turkey roaster), put it under the grates on the meat side, and drop an inch or so of warm water in there.  Water is great for regulating temps.  


Oh, and I got stove rope and high temp glue from amazon.  


hope it helps

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Thanks for the tips SmokeyMondays
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