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You SEE?  You SEE how you guys are??  You are gonna scare off the new guy!  I can't take you guys anywhere!  He's gonna think we are a bunch of crazy old men.  I try and I try.  Jesh!  What am I to do with ya??  It's like a group of 14 year old boys!  Where is the respect and dignity men our age should be showing to one another??  :ROTF


You will like the heat beads.  I have been converted.  Cost more but last longer so use less.  Win. Win.  Keep Smokin!



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Heat Beads in The Range £6.99 per 4Kg bag. Got a bag to cook a Brisket on Saturday.

Smokin Monkey
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Hello Steve.  I know well about being hurried through the BBQ section.  Wade Missus and my Missus don't even like us chatting on the phone cause one of us usually winds up buying a new gadget!  Speaking of gadgets, need to start a thread and ask for advice!


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Sneaked back today on my own and picked some Heat Beads up and good quality BBQ Tools!

Smokin Monkey
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That sound like an excellent idea Danny

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