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Smoked Paprika

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Sorry long time no post !!!  Been busy building a Summer House  - think it's all done now  so hopefully be back on the 'smokin soon




Apologies if someones posted this before but a friend of mine picked me up some Smoked Paprika from Makro - got nearly A kIlo for around £ 6 - probably not top shelf but it smells okay - pretty good price and should keep me going for a while "




Happy Smoking "



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Hi Mark - The summerhouse looks great Thumbs Up


Where is the smoked paprika from? Is it Spanish? Also is it hot or mild paprika?

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No idea !  Just says packed in Belgium :)


Quite mild - it's very similar to the stuff I've bought in the little jars from supermarkets - it's definitely NOT proper Spanish stuff I'm sure

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Hello Mark.  Glad to have you back posting.  That looks a GREAT build.  Paprika is something I don't use often.  Don't know why.  I like the taste of it but you know I don't use a lot of rubs and such.    As Wade is doing the brisket, I am sure we will enjoy a good brisket with a rub and bark at the smoking weekend.  Keep Smokin!


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