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Grillstock 2015

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Is anyone else planning on going down to Grillstock in Bristol on 11th 12 July?

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Contacted the Grilstock guys to see if they needed any Hire Fridges for the events. They were intrested for London Event.

I would of like to have gone but all three events we are Hog Roasting!

Smokin Monkey
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Of course I am only going for the music. The smoke that some people create there just seems to keep getting in your eyes - I don't know what they think they are doing?

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Grill stock are opeing a new restaurant in Leicester

Smokin Monkey
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Talking of restaurants, called in at The Crafty Pig on the Great Western Road in Glasgow last Saturday on our way back from Mull. They did the usual pp, burgers, brisket and wings. It was an ok meal, not truley authentic but was flavoursome. They had a good selection of beers and we sat outside watching the world go by on the one sunny day that Scotland gets allocated every few years. It's just up from Kelvin Bridge station if you're passing through.

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Wade.  If I didn't know better I'd suspect you are thinking of competing.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Not competing - but there is one place I may be tempted to compete one day. I am going to see just what others are doing (for ideas) and for the music. Danny, i think you would really be at home with the music thefe too. Joyce has even agreed to come with me... shock! Horror!
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I am going to Grillstock in Manchester, to be honest I was a tad disappointed last year.  


Talking of restaurants, there is going to be a new BBQ restaurant opening up near Sheffield in the next couple of months.so that will be something to look forward too.

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Smokewood, what goes off at Grillstock? is it just competition or lots of folks cooking and selling? Would imagine lots of traders selling all sorts of Tat!

It's International Horse Trials at Chatsworth.

Smokin Monkey
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Wade.  Have you lost your mind??  I don't reckon there will be any redneck music there!


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Last year there was plenty of redneck music.  I can only comment on Manchester, but I personally thought the venue was a bit small., and a bit of a let down, it took me about an hour to look at everything, then I was getting bored.  There is a large stage with live music with different bands throughout the day.  There is usually a weber tent and they give 15 -20 minute lectures throughout the day on smoking and BBQ'ing, great if you are a newbie but not so if you are more experienced.  There was maybe 10 - 15 stands selling food such as pulled pork, sausages, burgers and planked salmon etc. There was also a couple of beer stands, a promotional item stand that was selling Grillstock merchandise.


While all that is going on the BBQ teams are cooking away behind their stands so it's good for a natter and occasionally there are freebie bits of food on offer, and towards the end of the afternoon the BBQ Competition is judged  and that's about it .  I think there was also a chilli eating competition and some other competition going on.


I don't know if the Bristol or London events are larger, It was on Albert Square which is about 200 meters x 200 meters or maybe a bit smaller.

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Was intrested in going to the Manchester event, as our Saturday Night Hog Roast booking has been cancelled. Was going to make it a two day job. But after reading what you have put, might only go along for the Sunday.

Smokin Monkey
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We were thinking of going along to the Manchester event for one day. Looked at getting a train down but the service is sketchy due to maintenance work. Val says she will drive but she has to do it all again the next day as she's working in Chorley and she couldn't have a drink.

Been to a Christmas market a few years ago in Albert Square and you're right, it is a bit small.

When we were in Heidelburg last September, there was a beer festival on in the city's squares, lots of cheap beers, lots of grilled meats and sausages and music, all for free ! 

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Just arrived in Bristol - Grillstock starts tomorrow.. Can see most of Bristol from our hotel room. As we checked in we were asked by the receptionist if we wanted the full English breakfast tomorrow morning. I told her that i certainly hoped not biggrin.gif
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Have fun my friend!  FULL report will be expected!  Keep smokin!


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Have a great time, and I look forward to your update.  


I hope it is better than Manchester.

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Find the Guys from Tio's Shack, not sure what they will be cooking!
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Would of loved to of gone. Especially as Bristol also has some fabulous bars and microbreweries (my other love is great beer). However we already have tickets to see Robert Plant. 

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Originally Posted by KC5TPY View Post

Wade.  Have you lost your mind??  I don't reckon there will be any redneck music there!
I didn't know there was any other type of music? COUNTRY TILL I DIE! 😜
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Country is my favourite music too. We recently bought a new DAB radio for our kitchen that also has built in Internet radio built in. I have several US country stations in my stored favourites.
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