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New Cheeser!!!

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Very new to smokin', first time doing cheese. I got anxious and didn't research as much as I should. I had the heat at around 130 deg. and did not release enough heat. At about an hour, the cheese was punching through the grates. Needless to say, I pulled it. I had only let it set for around an hour before I packaged it. Afterwards is when I read here, that it should have set overnight. In turn, I have 2 questions for the cheese guru's. I did sharp cheddar, and a hunk of gouda. It was still extremely tasty!!


1. Will it be ok, being packaged that early?

2. Is it ok to freeze the cheese after packaging?


Thanks very much!




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It should be OK but it may mold sooner. The reason to wait is for it to dry. If you freeze it it will crumble so that is not a good idea. In the future you need to smoke cheese below 80°. That is why most people smoke cheese when it is cold outside. What smoker are you using and what are you using to make smoke. Look into a AMNPS or a AMNTS.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks for the info, very much appreciated. I was using an MES Sportsman. Which is now is dedicated to meat.

I just procured a Smokey Mountain propane smoker from a neighbor that he was using as a grinder stand. After some research,

my wife ordered me the 8" Smoke Daddy so I could turn that one into a dedicated cold smoker. I used Hickory on this batch, but I will be trying different woods.

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Welcome to the forum.


The following will help you get off to a good start plus give you some ideas on using you SmokeDaddy.


Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View


My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View



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