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Hi im Gordon from sisters OR. I just made an account and this is my first post. I bought a weber smokey mountain 18.5 about 9 months ago as my first smoker. I have already smoked ribs, pork shoulder, pork loin, brisket, turkey, whole chicken, and pizza! Ive loved everything i smoked except maybe the pizza and I need a rematch with the brisket.  Im curious to find out any good ideas on other cuts of meat to smoke. Ive heard it is bad for long term flavor to smoke fish in the same smoker so i might try to steer clear of that. If you have any advice and links to a good recipe too, I would appreciate it.

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Hi, Gordon, and welcome!  Thank you so much for joining us and glad to have you!


If you scroll through our long list of forum topics, something may pique your interest for something different to try!  We do a lot of curing here too, both dry-curing and wet-curing and can create a lot of products also!


Please make your first stop at our Roll Call forum, allow us the opportunity to welcome you properly and to get to know you, where you're from (please enter your whereabouts, what your weather is like, etc. in your profile to better help you!) and don't ever hesitate to ask questions!  The only 'dumb' question is the one you don't ask, we are all here to help!  Welcome to the wonderful world of smoking meats!  Again, thank you!

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Anytime I'm looking for something new, I always check out bearcarver's step by step index.
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