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Smoking mild italian sausages

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Hey guys, smoking mild italian sausages for the first time. I've been looking online and seeing garlic honey sausages are really good for smoking. Is it a good idea to put the sausages in a marinade for a few days  ? I was thinking olive oil, honey, garlic cloves... Or just smoke them straight ? Please leme know!

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Not sure if the sausages will absorb a lot of marinade being in a casing. Be sure to hot smoke them if they are fresh sausages (no cure).

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I agree with Chewmeister on the marinading.  Sausage cooked already or fresh should be seasoned enough for flavor to your liking.  For example I add my Italian sausage to my spaghetti to enhance the flavor of the meal.  My kielbasa goes into my German Gumbo for the same reason.  I think adding some marinade to already prepared sausage [assuming it penetrates the casing] would change the flavor of the desired flavor of the sausage purchased.  Like Chewmister said,  hot smoke fresh for it has no cure.  Reinhard

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I agree with the above.

Happy smoken.


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agree with all above posts.....u never mentioned if you made the sausage yourself or it's bought from market. I could see a couple hours smoke perhaps and then flop them on the grill to sizzle up and finish with with great grill markings. Make sure you stick one with an instant read therm to make sure they are fully cooked.....Willie

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