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Wet Cure Times?

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I've been making pork belly bacon for about 2yrs and have it pretty much mastered... But, I've never made Canadian bacon or turkey bacon.

Has anyone out there wet cured a turkey breast and/or pork loin? If so, how many days do you recommend for each? What weight per cut? What internal temp when you smoke it?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Look up pops brine in the search bar.
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I am a dry cure guy but the time is the same. Lets say you have a 3" loin. The cure is coming in from both sides so divide the 3" by 2 so you are now at 1 1/2". cure works at a rate of 1/4" per day so 1 1/2" divided by 1/4" is 6 days. Then you add 2 days to be safe.

As for smoking temp I go slow and up the heat 10° per hour starting at 100°. I go to a IT of 150°. I then left it mellow in the fridge for a couple of days before I slice.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks for the help you two.
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