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Using logs for smoking??

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as of now I use Lump charcoal. Brands such as Royal Oak, Cowboy (I know it sucks) and Frontrier.  However I don't feel like my coal burns hot enough nor does it burn long enough.  I was thiking about switching to using Logs but didn't know if this was a good idea. and if it was what kind of wood should I use?  Hickory, or anything that I usually smoke with?  Some Oak logs?  Does this make a lot of white smoke?  Can I lay chunks of the wood I prefer to smoke with on top of the logs?  Basically I just want to start using longs cause of the heat factor.  Any help would be great thanks.

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What type of smoker?  Offset?  Brand?  Folks with same equipment will be best able to help you. 

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Im very sorry I should have specified.  I currently am using an Oklahoma Joe Offset smoker.  THe larger one of the 2 that they have I think.

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Yes, logs are great to use with your smoker...probably best in fact. You can start with charcoal and add a couple of logs, then maintain with logs. Hickory, oak, pecan and fruit woods are all great choices. 

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Thanks Sticky Fingers.  I'll be sure to do just that.  any other advice while using logs in my smoker?

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Do the logs ignite quickly? Or do you mix some splits in with the logs? I am using an offset Bell 24"x48". Every little bit of help is appreciated. Joe
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The splits should be sized to fit you fire box, in my CharGriller I use 12" splits.

Always keep a clean hot fire, don't let the wood smolder.

When I add a split to the fire I keep the SFB door open until the flame is well developed.

A fire like this will keep your cook chamber temps around the 275°- 300° range, perfect temps IMHO. YMMV.



I start with about a chimney and a half of fully lit lump charcoal and heat the splits in the SFB before adding them to the fire so they will start burning quickly






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