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Mother's Day pork butt on the mini

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So I scored and my wife wants pulled pork for Mother's Day. Win win. Picked up a nice 8.6 pounder on sale for $11.11 at the Winn Dixie last weekend. Got it rubbed down last night and on the smoke at 8:40 this morning. Hoping for dinner at a normal 6ish hour tonight. Mini is parked at 233 degrees. I even left for an hour to pick up my daughter a pool since its 90 degrees today. Temp was 240 when I left and 239 when I got home. Awesome little smoker!
Got two probes in the meat and one about an inch above the grate for the pit temp. Igrill2 is a nice unit if anybody is wondering.

Wish me luck. Haven't done a butt in a while. Should I foil at 165? Then back on till?
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Looks good. I don't foil. Depends on when you need to eat. Last 9 pounder I did on my mini took 18 hours.

I like my iGrill2 also. Can't wait for them to come out with the wifi version!
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18 hours????? That's not good...
I mean I'm sure it was beyond good but not good for Mother's Day dinner! Here's where it is now. Top is pit temp

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Yep, I agree with Case... Looks good ! Last couple 8-9 lb butts I smoked a while back, one was done in 13 hrs & one at 19 hrs. I don't foil either though ! Awhile back though I started doing pulled pork smokes a day or two ahead of time & warming back up in the crock pot !
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I started my picnic at 9 am and plan on it being done by 6 pm. I am cooking at 285-300.
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Should I look at higher smoke temp if I want to eat before tomorrow?
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Yep you can crank the heat up to as high as 300 and be fine.

At temps below 250, I figure 2 hours per pound.
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I'm in!
I've got a 7 pounder in the freezer that I'm going to do next weekend on my mini. I do believe that you started too late to be done by dinner tonight. I wouldn't rush it at this point or you may be in bigger trouble. I've never done one one the mini, so I'll be monitoring yours to gauge mine. Good luck.
- Ryan
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I'll move it up to about 275 for a while. It's been 4 hours time for a spritz of apple juice!

I know it's nowhere close to done but sure smells and looks tasty.
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Question - I forgot to check at 4 hours in but does the 40 to 140 in 4 hours rule apply with bone in? I imagine it's fine. I've never had pit temp below 225 and just shy of 5 hours in I'm here.

Getting close to stall time I would guess?
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You should be fine. Too late to turn back now
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The stall has begun...

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If you are at the stall now, it should be up to temp by this evening just in time for supper.



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Just for my knowledge, what wood are you using today?
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Cherry chunks are the flavor of the day RMMurray. Not sure if it's the wood or the food but it smells down right good out here
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The temp started dropping so I opened it up and added another dozen or so unlits and stirred things around a bit. Is that the right way to keep it going?

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The bark is developing nicely. Butts that size usually take about 12 hours for me. I try to do 225 but there's always a half hour here and there where it's 250+
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So here's the latest temps. Does that mean stall is over? When should I pull it? I read 203 is a magic temperature for it pulling beautifully. Should I wrap it and stick it in a cooler? I'm such a rookie so thanks in advance! Here's what I'm working with:

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Well at 170 you might hit another stall. The final 30!degrees can take an awful long time.

You should use the side light method with your mini. You can get a 12-16 hour burn without needing to add fuel. Also i would avoid opening the lid to do anything. Loosing precious heat which add to cooking time and there is no need to spritz a butt.
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Never heard of the side lite - I'll do some research. No spritzing? I figured that was just a good excuse to look under the cover! Guess that's true.
I'm up in the 280s trying to power through so mommy doesn't kill me for eating at midnight on her day. Up to 175 IT.
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