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20 cubic feet... now what?

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Traulsen.  I can't find a model number.



In the above picture the fridge is actually on its top.  This way I can use the top for the fire box, but the doors would be rendered useless.  There is already two rows of holes that I can use to distribute the heat into the fridge proper (in the "top"). 


I really want to keep the doors.  They are filled with the same foam as the rest of the fridge, but I like the look of them and can latch them rather easily after I change the seal and buy a latch.  I could do an offset fire box as well. 


I would like to slide this into a brick housing in my patio area when it is finished.  It would be stand alone at first.  I can't afford to do the brick work as I want to add a charcoal grill and a big flat iron grill... so not any time soon.


I am having a hard time understanding the flow of the heat, smoke, and where to mount the stack.  The fridge measures 20 cubic feet. 2'x2'x5'.


I can smoke a bunch of turkeys in there... so I REALLY want to make this work.  If I can't or if it will cost a mint to do it just let me know.


I have no idea what kind of metal is on the inside.  I imagine it is aluminum as it isn't magnetic.  The outside is steel as it is magnetic.


Thanks for the help!


God bless!


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That is a combination refer / warmer..... Personally, I would not use it.... too much work and too much money.....
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Definitely not a combination. No divider in between and there was only the refrigerator's compressor in the top.


I found it on the site that you posted. Aluminum inside with stainless on the outside. Thanks for the link!


Still haven't decided if it is worth it or not. If I can get the insert out in one piece with minimal damage it could still be worth it.

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it will be tough getting the insert out in 1 piece if the insulation is spray foam, and it likely is.


the shelving should be powder coated and fine. Take a small propane torch to it and see what happens.

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Personally, if it were mine it would be used as a cold smoker. Thumbs Up   It's very similar to my 20cf cold smoker.   No need to do more than to put an inlet and output in.



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