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whats it real name ?

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growing up in the deep south we always bought sausage in the "local " grocery stores and the sausage was simply labeled "smoked sausage " it was made there in the store and it seemed like every small store had their own recipe for it yet they  had a similar flavor  .so my question is this , is there a "real" name for these sausage's ?  I can't find anything like them outside the southeastern  states

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It is sausage. The term sausage is a very broad term.

Happy smoken.


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No personal experience, but from previous posts on here it sounds like maybe Conecuh sausage might come close to what you're looking for. I think there may be a clone recipe on here somewhere. Sounds like it's a hickory smoked country sausage.
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thanks , not having a specific name just make's it impossible to identify when your looking for it in stores , I just thought with most sausage having names that maybe there was a name for it and I just never knew it

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Well from what I read Conecuh is a brand name out of Alabama but itheir hickory smoked sausage is supposed to be pretty similar to what used to be made in local markets.
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well,   not being able to find any living out west , that's why I decided to make my own . it would be nice if it had a name tho

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