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cajun turkey

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I figured a few practice smokes for thanksgiving won't hurt so today I'm doing a Cajun bird.
I brined it overnight in equal parts brown sugar,Tony catchere's Creole seasoning and kosher salt. Today I made an injection with butter ,Creole seasoning,garlic powder,and Crystal hot sauce.
Spatchcocked and sprinkled with more Creole seasoning and into the smoker with its friends. I'll post done pics in a bit
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Gonna be a tasty bird!
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Oh my, that is gonna be some fabulous yard bird there.
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That looks fantastic!  

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At 172 at the thigh and 162 at the breast I moved it up to the top rack to crisp a bit.
I pulled it at 167 breast and 176 at the thigh. It's wrapped in foil and towels in the cooler till dinner time.

I started off at 300 for 45 minutes and then kept it between 250 and 275 the rest of the time. All but 3 oak splits were pecan wood and it took just at 3 hours 15 minutes.
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Great job!  How much did the bird weigh?

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I'm really not sure. The package had all kinds of info but it didn't have a weight, and it's been in the freezer for a long time so I forget. Im guessing about 12 pounds.
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Came out great.
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Looks like a little a sty turkey!
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