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Tri Tip

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I smoked a TrTip Roast the other day.



2.57lbs, i picked up for at $7.32/lbs





I put a basic BBQ rub on it.



It was 60 degrees out and I used hickory chips in the smoker which I set to 220 degrees


I kept it in for just under 3hours and pulled it at 145 degrees.  I would have pulled it sooner but it still had a spongy feel to it, it felt under cooked, but it wasn't.  I have to learn to trust the thermometer and not go by feel.  




All sliced and ready for the plate.


And I served it with a great IPA

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That looks good ever reverse sear one? They only get better that way!drool.gif
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No, but sounds like i should try it.
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Originally Posted by Carney View Post

No, but sounds like i should try it.

They are tasty! I smoked this one to 120*F IT seared about 45 seconds each side rested for 20-30 minutes.
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Nice looking tri-tip!  I did the reverse sear after smoking it to 135 IT.  It was awesome.  I've only done one, it's hard to find where I shop.  Yours has me wanting to go on a hunt for another.  :Looks-Great:

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Nice job Carney. Good looking tip you smoked buddy.

I'll be working one over tomorrow for Mother's Day. The one I did last Saturday was such a hit that my wife specifically requested one. :yahoo:



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