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I think it would cost me more in gas than the whole price of roxul lol
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I agree. I'm not sure about the wood, i'll have to see if mine has them too and figure out what to do.

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I'm at a stand still. My fridge is getting the sodium dioxide removed before I touch it.


How is yours coming along?

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Is that the refrigerant in yours? Mine is dichlorotetrafluoroethane.I'm a hvac service man so I recovered mine. The biggest snag I have is getting all the black stuff out of the inside. It is a pain to say the least. Next I'll finish the inside bottom and then paint
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i used a heat gun and putty knife to remove the dreaded BLACK TAR !!!!! then wiped it up with mineral spirits. as a last cleanse i used sunlight dish soap to get all of the residue out, got rid of the chemical smell. my buddy uses it in his machine shop so thats where i got the idea ...


good luck



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I have a similar fridge but it didn't have the wood blocks in it. The 4 piece of plastic trim hold the tub in place just fine.


Youll be fine using primer anywhere, use rustoleum or tremclad metal primer. 


MOst everyone will say you have to remove all the tar, but really it will be fine, get what you can but its all on the outside of the insulation and will never get hot. And if your tub is ealed as it should be there will be no smell even if it does warm up a little.


Ive had my smoker over 350f and it was still cold to the tough on the outside.

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I Have most of it out. If I get time I'll install the sheel metal to the inside bottom and start adding primer
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Fochers...I was told by the appliance place I took the fridge to that it has sodium dioxide for refrigeration.


They said they would have to go to a field, crack the valve, and run. BUT...then they would have to dispose of the compressor and all/any lines that contacted the dioxide the "correct" way. Funny how they don't plan on evacuating it the correct way but they will strip my parts and dispose of them properly.


Maybe they want to re-sell my parts???



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Yeah it seems a little strange. I will say this so2 is not a refrigerant to take lightly. It will take your breath away. It can be dangerous, even fatal. With equipment that old and holding that refrigerant I doubt they would reuse it. I would say let them keep it
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You should post pics of your progress. Meanwhile I will sit here and wait for the appliance place to evac mine.

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I will get some pictured after I get off work today.
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Don't mind the hundred sheet metal screws. ..
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One more coat of primer then I'm done. Then on to the insulation
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Correction... I guess I need to paint it first
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I thought we had identical fridges but I see some small differences. The back of mine is all solid. I want to see how you do the exhaust and what you do for smoke.


Mine is still at the appliance shop. They said if I don't want them to evac it I would need to pick it up now because they don't feel "safe" with it there (because of the sodium dioxide) but they can take weeks to get to it if I do want them to evac it! Haha

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its coming along great. Going to be a very nice looking smoker when your done.

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