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Well said Gary.

Happy smoken.


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Well said


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I would have never thought of wiggling the bone...(how the hell did i not think of that :45:)

Its threads like this that make our smoked masterpieces that much better. Thanks for the tip.


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Glad I could help



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Nice post! Just one addition...1 to 1.5 hours per pound is typically valid for smoker temps between 250 and 300°F. At 225° to 250°F it is much more common that the average sized, 8-10lb, store bought, vac-packed butt, will take 2 hours per pound. At any temp it is a good idea to add 2 hours to your estimate to cover the unforeseen. It is always better to be done early and hold the butt, up to 5 hours, wrapped in towels and in a cooler, than have hungry guests staring you down waiting on the meat...JJ

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great read and great info but I do have questions I am doing my first pork butt tomorrow with a whole turkey my pork butt is boneless I plan on starting at about 7 or 8 am but could some one help me find a good rub for the pork butt please
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