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Cajun injector double door

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Do of you guys know anything or have any experiance with the cajun injector double electric smoker? Ive been eying them for awhile and just found some marked down from $329 to $200. Any info will be appreciated
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I don't know anything about the double door, but my first electric smoker was a Cajun injector 30". It worked great. My biggest problem with it was the size, so I upgraded to a MES40.
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I went aheah and got it. Ive been eying it for a long time because of its size ive got three teenage carnivores that can eat their weight in a sitting! I'll be sure to post some Q'veiw from my first cook. I have a chargriller well it use to be an offset but i put the firebox under the cook chamber. Ive really been wanting an electric one for the lazy days so hopefully does me right!
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The electrics are great for those days when your lazy or busy on other projects. I highly recommend investing in an AMNPS from Todd. The addition of the AMNPS to the electric truly makes it a set it and forget it smoker.
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Does anyone know how many square inches of cooking surface this smoker provides?




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Have you had any problems with your Cajun Injector double door?  I've had 2 separate times where the panel indicates the temp is high, so the burner shuts off.  Temp continues to climb, so burner stays off.  Meanwhile the actual temperature drops significantly.

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I haven't had any issues with it (knocks on wood) heating wise. I've only had to fix a door leak which was really easy.
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