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Smoked Pork Loin (2.5 lbs)

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I smoked my first pork loin tonight in my MES 30".. it was a last minute dinner decision, picked it up at the supermarket at 3:15pm, in the smoker by 4:00pm and on the table by 7:00pm.    Small pork loin (2.5 lbs), smoked at 240F for about 2-1/2 hrs, pulled it at an internal temp of 148F.    Rested for 15-20 minutes..  


It came out pretty juicy and tender!!!      I wanted to see if I could get a smoke ring, so I broke up a charcoal briquette into small 1" pieces and put them in with the wood chips, 1 or 2 pieces at a time...  I think I detect a slight smoke ring, you guys tell me if you agree or not...


After resting for 20 minutes - Slight bark, dripping juices...



3/4" slices, came out moist and tender!!





When sliced thin, you can see the juices glistening.. the meat has a pinkish hue, tell me if there's a slight smoke ring just underneath the edge crust. 



Leftover for my wife's lunch tomorrow w/ a bed of rice and stir fried carrots & asparagus.


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Nice Job,  Looks mighty tasty 



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Thanks!!  I'm happy the way they came out.. Used Stubb's Dry Rub..  might try to make my own rub next time..  

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G, looks moist and tender!Thumbs Up

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