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Smoked Turkey, Just Because.

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We had an extra turkey left over from the holidays and decided last weekend to cook her up . Apple juice brine then coated the skin with bacon fat before salt & peppering.

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Looks good. Tell us all about it.

Happy smoken.


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Looks awesome. I'd love the details as I have a bird in the deep freeze awaiting its smoke bath sometime soon.
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Looking good, did you go with a high heat roast?
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Thanks guys. I've had good results using the brine here It was an enhanced bird so I doubled the juice and used the listed portions for the rest of the brine to fully cover the bird. It was in the brine for ~24 hours, and then taken out to rest for ~12 hours. Right before cooking I liberally brushed on melted bacon fat, then threw on kosher salt and black pepper.

WSM setup was 2 fully lit chimneys of Kingsford and threw in 2 fist sized chunks of oak, and kept the water pan empty.

It was a 15# bird and took 2.5 hours at 350 degrees.
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That's a nice looking Bird   Fantastic Color    Great job   points1.png



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Looks delicious. Do you have any sliced shots?

If I ever get my UDS, I want to try a spatchcocked turkey in it. It looks like it would have to be more like a 10-12 pounder in that case though.
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Fantastic looking bird!  It is amazing how a single pic can motivate what will be on the smoker soon.  Time to start thawing a bird! 

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You had me at bacon fat! Beautiful looking bird-perfect color. Hmmm, I think I still have a turkey in the freezer. Great job, thanks for sharing.
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Looks like it was a tasty meal or eight!icon14.gif
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Thanks for the narration. So many get on here and post a shot of the finished product or a slew of shots and never a word except maybe  . .This what this is what I did today. Nothing more .


As a courtesy of us whom you have come to ask or advise or just want to show what you did ;please add Narration of what and how you did it. It saves a lot of head scratching trying to figure out what you have posted.


Thanks , Stan   

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