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Feeding others

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Sometimes you just cook for the family, in my case, the three of us. Sometimes you cook for the whole family (mom, brothers, sister-in-laws...), in my case, that's a lot of folks. Last week I was blessed to feed some folks that normally just wouldn't get good smoked BBQ. Three families, thirteen people in all. I'm thankful that I had something that I could give, that I had the opportunity to give, and that I know how to smoke some good boston butts!

Getting started


Two large boston butts, rubbed down 24 hours before smoking


The smoke is on


Twelve hours later


Pulled and ready to be enjoyed! Add some BBQ sauce if you like...

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Looks good!  Yeah, it makes you feel good when you can feed a good size crowd with nothing but compliments coming back to you.

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That cook sure looks good. Great color and texture. I'll bet all those folks were full when they left. Keep those good pics coming. Good luck, Joe.......hoorah
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Nice looking job..... So will it be an annual event now?

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OJH, Looks like everyone ate well! I didn't know marines could cook !:icon_lol: :points:

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Foamheart, That's a good question! The church was looking for volunteers, so I raised my hand. I wouldn't hesitate if they asked again. It's a good cause, trying to help families get back on their feed. The program seems to have a good success rate, so it's worth doing for sure.

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CrazyMoon, Somebody has to feed the Marines! Fortunately, that wasn't my job! But, I am fortunate that the men in my family were big on cooking hogs, from Boston Butts to whole hogs, for family get-togethers. I guess it's a farm family thing, I don't know. But it's some of my best memories from as far back as I can remember, early to mid-nineteen sixties.

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