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YODER YS640 for Sale in Arizona

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SOLD! Yoder YS640 Pellet Smoker/Grill comes standard with an easy-to-use digital control and two convenient exterior shelves. With an expansive cooking surface of 640 square inches-combined with nearly twelve inches of headroom, there's plenty of room for anything, including beer can chickens and turkeys. Adding the optional second shelf increases cooking on the YS640 to 1,070 square inches.

In central Arizona. Weighs over 350 lbs! 






Included Accessories

Direct Grill Gates w/Tool - $109.95 • 2nd Shelf - $99.00

Temperature Probe Port - $29.95 • Door Thermometer - $59.95

Fitted Cover - $122.00 • 3 Bags Pellets • FREE! • Save $500+


Very CLEAN! Less then 25 Cooks!

It is just to big for my needs and need to move on.

Sale $1500  =   $1988 VALUE


Contact: Bill at • <>

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where in AZ?  I am in El Paso. Open to offers?

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Central AZ near Cottonwood. 2 hours north of Phx. You are a long way off.

The price is set at $1400.

It is paid for so I'll just use it twice a year if it does not sell. The unit is just too big ... You know, eyes bigger then stomach syndrome.


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Thanks for the info. Would definitely be interested if you were a bit closer. If you ever find yourself in the near future driving I-10 east through el paso with extra space for the yoder let me know and we can work something out!



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If we could work on how to pick up the grill I'd definitely be interested in purchasing the grill. I realize we are about 8hrs away.

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Is this still for sale?
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If this grill is still available, please contact me.  We can work a deal as I am in AZ and willing to travel to get the grill.  Also, if you want a smaller pellet cooker I have a Lil Tex Elite Traeger cooker which would better suit your needs.  Maybe we can work a trade out if you still want a grill but smaller.  Either way I am interested in buying or trading.  Just contact me as soon as possible.


Message me on facebook 

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Hello, just cam across your message to me about the Yoder. It is still here, been used a couple of more times. Added the custom cover. Bill

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Still have the cooker? Would you be willing to ship if I cover costs?

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Wow, shipping is a big deal. They do it at the factory as S.O.P. Today it would take dismantling, wrapping all the parts in bubble, then in shrink wrap, strapping & storing inside the cooker. Then incasing the whole unit in bubble, shrink and cardboard. At that point it gets set on a pallet, braces screwed in to hold the legs in place and then the whole thing steel strapped to the pallet. That's how it came. It does weigh some 300 lbs and is top heavy. It would require a truck with a lift. A fork lift would be handy. We had one heck of a time with a pallet jack getting it out of the gravel ally behind my house and into the brick yard. Sure would be easier to strap it on to a low trailer like motorcycle then put it in a truck. Where are you?


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Is the Yoder still available, I'm also in AZ
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