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whote hog for 200 people

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Hey, you all.  I have been searching here and other places.   We plan to get a 120 lb hog. (we did a 100-110 lber a few years ago)   From what I read that should feed at 1/4 lb per person, maybe 160 people, right?    Just wanted some thoughts.   We plan to supplement with butts. 



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Glen I just roasted a shoulder for a party,froze it for a week. We heated it in a 350* F oven to crisp the skin back up.I see you have enough UDS that you could cook them that day.

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I could run 12 butts on my 3 UDS but I run out of fridge space ahead of that (I have a 2nd fridge) and pulling them in the kitchen drives me and my wife nuts.  I'm not doing that again.

We can run the hog on a large cooker on site and be done.   It will take 8-9 hours.  We will allow for 12 just in case there are issues. 


I am looking to confirm that from a 120 lbs hog (dressed weight ready to go on smoker) I think I will end up with 40-50 lbs.  I think?

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The skin will be eaten most likely so you will have more then enough. Good Luck 

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Thank you!   That is what I was trying to 'make sure' on.   Last time, we had a long 'hold' so the skin looked great but was a bit tough.  (meat was great)

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Hey update - we ended up with 2 half hogs (70 lb each) and 4 pork butts and fed Neeley 300 people. It ran well. I can't upload pics from tapatalk.

Large Vertical Charcoal w/ guru
3 UDS (one by BBQ Bubba)
Superfast thermopens
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