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BUILD COMPLETED! Pics Start - Finish

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Thanks to all here for your input.  I tested this unit over the weekend and it all worked pretty flawless on the first try.  Here are a few pictures from start to finish on the build.  



The start of by Cook Chamber.  Made with re-used 3" insulated cooler panels.  



Cook chamber is basically done here expect for the RF Baffle plate.



This is the Fire Box.  Made with 3/16" plate.  Interior grating is about 4" above the bottom.



Here is one of the SS stands that hold by cooking trays.   



This 1/4" SS Mesh is what i used for my cooking trays..



This angle will support the RF Baffle plate in the Cook Chamber.





Here is the final product.  I used a SS plenum style chimney with about 6" extended into the CC.  To season the smoker i lit some charcoal in the FB and placed a couple pieces of maple and oak wood on top to get some flame going.  in 15 min i was over 200F in the CC.  I closed the damper on the chimney to see if it would heat up faster, and it did.  Once it got to 260F I dampened upper intake and lower intake in FB to virtually closed and opened the chimney damper a bit.  It held at about 240 - 260F for over 3 hours with the initial bit of Fuel i put in the FB.  I know it doesn't look as pretty as some, but i can't be happier with how the initial run went...



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Nice looking smoker tackleberry.

Time to get some meat on that baby!

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Looks great and a lot of cooking space! Any plans for wheels? I'm guessing you have something around to move it with.icon14.gif
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Great work.  Are you going to be catering with this thing?

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I think it looks great! I would have to find one of those Ice Bag cooler logos for it. I think it would be perfect! maybe the neon sign for the back side of the top Flashes 24 hr Ice or whatever they say....LOL


Looks to me like a great size too.


I'm impressed.

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Nice Job     Cool Smoker 



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Nice! I like it!
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Very nice! Its almost to pretty to get grease on!

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Do you have any picture of the inside of your CC?

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