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Brisket Last Night

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Ha! Looks like I'm in good company, seeing all the great briskets done this weekend. Well done, everyone!


Here's mine: Had a friend up from Phoenix, so that was the impetus. 

Started out with about a 10 lb. brisket, after trimming.


I had a little of Jeff's Texas Rub left, but not enough for a whole brisket, so I just added some more salt & pepper.


Decided to forego my electrics this time and go Old School on the Weber. Got the brisket on promptly at 6am, which turned out to be a bit early.


This kept a steady 250° for the whole cook. In fact, it only took 6-1/2 hours to become toothpick tender, and I still had about 1' of charcoal to go.




For sides, I made some of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans...


...and tried a new potato recipe from the BBQ Pit boys. Really, really good, these things. I won't post a link out of deference to Jeff, but I highly recommend you go to YouTube and try these out.



Out of the foil. This rested for about 7 hours, wrapped in towels in my cooler, but was still piping hot when sliced.


Sorry, at that point I dropped the camera and picked up my knife, so no pics of the slices or plating, but they did have a nice smoke ring going. Not a bad effort, if I say so myself. We ate so much, we completely forgot about dessert!

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Looks great. I still need to try a packer.
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That is an awesome looking dinner accompanied by some well deserved points!
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Looks great!drool.gif
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Good looking brisky.

Using the Weber kettle gets you :points:on it's own! Nice work!

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Great job and good looking beans as well.

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