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question on a boston butt

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put a butt on this morning at 1 a.m.  i am using a amnps 5x8 smoke full and when i when out at 7 a.m. it was all but out. it had burnt all three rows perfectly. in a test run a few weeks back i got over 10 hours of smoke out of it. still on the learning curve with it, but i do love not going out every half hour or so to load the wood question, is there any need pulling the tray and firing up another round or has it had at that point all the smoke it will need or absorb??   jb

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Probably had plenty of smoke but you won't know till you taste it. You may try cutting back on the air flow to get the amnps longer burn. Never heard of one burning out in 6 hrs unless you had it to full and the fire jumped rows???

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thanks eman, i didn't notice any excessive smoke so i don't think it jumped rail. i did have the chip tray pulled out slightly and that was probably the cause.  i put a second one it there to finish it off after closing the chip tray and it was still burning long after i took the butt off.   

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