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Reverse flow offset smoker

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Hi, just had a reverse flow offset smoker made for me. Here are some some pictures.

Hopefully someone on here can tell me the best method of fire management for this kind of smoker. grilling_smilie.gif
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Welcome Bradley1978,

Are you planning to fuel it with charcoal, or wood?

If using wood, you want to maintain a small hot fire.

Start with a bed of hot coals. This can be from burning down wood into a bed of hot coals, or you can start with a chimney full of charcoal.

Then add one or two small logs or splits at a time. I recommend starting with one at a time until you learn how it likes to run, adding too much fuel can let it run away on you and get too hot unless you choke off the intake air and then it will smolder which is not good.

Preheating your splits by setting them on top of the firebox will allow them to catch fire quicker. Should only need to add a log every 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size and how hot your are running.

If using charcoal only, a coal basket and the minion method is the way to go.


I notice that you have some kind of short pull out rack pretty high up in your firebox. Can you tell me what you are thinking with that?

If that is your fire grate, it should be much lower than that in my opinion.

Also, are those air intakes on the front of the ash pan?

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It also looks like you might have a damper in the chimney.

You want to keep that wide open at all times when in use.

Only use the firebox air intakes to control the heat.

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Thanks for your reply. That rack was just a hadded extra he put in. I have taken it out. And the air hole in the ash pan or intake vents he put in. I Just let him run with the air vents idea has he is wood burning stove maker?

. Had 2 burns in my new smoker up to date. The 1st I used charcoal starter then logs of Apple wood but ended up with loads of white smoke and half of pint of creosote in drain bucket.? But got the temp upto 250 holding. The wood only smoulder if I didn't open the ash box or door for more oxygen? And last night I tryed the minion method with charcaol basket and temp wouldn't move over 175?
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I think your wood was green, you need seasoned wood.  I'm not sure it looked like the stack and stack opening are a little small, hard to tell from the pic.  Did you run your stack damper wide open ?


Adjust the dampers on the fire box for more air flow and heat ?



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What are the dimensions of the Cook Chamber (CC)....
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Cook chamber is 18" x 32" and fire box is 18" x 18" stack and stack opening is 3". and yes I had all vents and dampeners open.confused.gif
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You may not have enough air intake area.
Try running all your dimensions through the calculator
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The opening between the FB and CC/under the RF plate/at the end of the RF plate should be about 33 sq. in.....The air inlets to the FB should be about 8 sq. in...

Did you use a calculator designed for Reverse Flow smokers to build your smoker....
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Thanks for the info everyone. No in didn't know about the calcu:th_crybaby2:lator .and I have 25 sq inch at the end of my RF plate? Before I make any costly mods. Where would be the best place to put another air vent?? And does every thing else on this build look ok? help.gif
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Here is what I come up with  When you make you changes add a vent in the FB door at the same level at the FB to CC opening


  Cook   Firebox   Stack FB to CC Firebox Firebox 
Recommended  Size Chamber   33% of CC    Vol. Opening Opening (Low) Opening (High)
  8,143   2,712   138.4 32.6 8.14




Smoke Stack Dia.   Length.     Vol. Cu. In Vol. Gal
Round 3   19.58     138.4 0.60
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I'm not a fan of 90 deg elbows on the exhaust.... perhaps, think about a plenum for smoother air flow... The damper you have in the exhaust could be restricting the exhaust flow also... Your exhaust is minimum for good air flow... think about removing it.....

Also, do you have 33 sq. in. opening between the CC and FB.....

...click on pic to enlarge......

below is a tutorial with some good descriptions about a RF smoker.....

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Thanks again for really good info:bravo:. I have 29 square inches on the opening between the fb to cc. Please tell me I can get away with that. :77:the build stands me at a large amount of money all ready. What or the major mods i need to get me smoking grilling_smilie.gif
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Did you look at the tutorial on How to Build a RF smoker... Check yours out against what is shown there....

Like Gary said..... an inlet directly across from the FB/CC opening is a good place to start....
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Thanks Dave I will start with the new vent and see how I get on. beercheer.gif
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And change that 90 deg to a 45deg grilling_smilie.gif
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Don't you like the plenum ????

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Yes I do Dave will give that a try. Can't wait to get smoking 439.gif
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