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Originally Posted by timberjet View Post

I see a lot of folks around here use an auxiliary pellet smoker in their pellet grills. Like an amazen pellet maze or tube. You might look into this. They are really cheap and effective and then you don't have to go so low to get good smoke.


I  have an 18" Amazn tube as well as a smoke daddy big Kahuna and think they are both excellent products.  The smoke daddy will pack a punch but it does need tending every 1/2 hour to hour so overnight is not a good option.  The Amazn tube works well but I've found I still like the smoke flavor generated by the pellet smoker better.  I generally like to use the Amazn tube at higher temps when less smoke is being generated by the smoker.  

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Originally Posted by knifebld View Post

Looks good, but am curious as to the benefit of smoking at 160 to start? I can understand the safety issues...but if you set those aside....why would someone want to go lower than 225/235?




I was trying to get the pork to be finished smoking about 3-4pm the next day so it could go into the cooler and be rested by 5-6pm.  I started at 11pm the night before.  I knew at 225 it would be ready at about 11-12 the next day and that was too long for me to leave it wrapped in a cooler.

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I can't take credit for the injecting step I used as I was only following someone else's recipe but this step included:


The pork was at 34 degrees when removed from the refrigerator as that was the temp of the fridge and it had been in there for 3 days.


The injection consisted of soy, vinegar and rub which were heated to a slight boil and then was strained and cooled with ice packs rapidly to get under 40 degrees prior to injecting.  I assume neither the meat nor the injection were above 40 degrees at the time of injecting. 


I had never heard of chilling an injection...certainly not on briskets that I do often with room temp beef broth and the like.  But I was just following the recipe on the butt as close as I could with regard to the injection sauce.     


The injected pork was then put back in the refrigerator for about 8 hours prior to being placed on the smoker.    

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