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First smoke tomorrow.

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Well, tech be the 2nd time, first was long long ago.  Be putting on a Boston Butt round 8am and using my own rub and applewood in a MES 30".




Sorry for the crappy pics for this smoke (my Canon DSLR is off to Canon for repairs).  I'll have more later from my wonderful camera phone as soon as I start prepping.

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Looks good. I know it takes about 13 hours for a 7 pound butt in my MES at 230degrees. Happy smoking.

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Three hours in right now. End up using a mix of apple wood and hickory.

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Off to a good start! Already getting some good color. Hickory and apple is a great combination! Keep 'em comin'.
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Looking good.....You should keep the door closed though.....If you're lookin' you ain't cookin'......

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I am so hungry at this point from smelling this. I think I need to resize that image. Posted from my tablet and didn't offer the resize option.

I got my maverick in. Shows that the mes is 180 and the mes says 230. Trust the maverick?
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The temp probe is just hanging through the vent about 4" or so
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The probe should be close to the butt so you're reading the temp where you're cooking. Temps in a MES vary greatly in different parts of the CC.(cooking chamber)
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I usually shove the probe thru a small potato and set it right beside what I'm cooking. You could use a lemon or something else but that might flavor your smoke.
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For the Bbq probe? I'll have to try that. I moved the probe some, now reading 260. Meat at 156.
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Originally Posted by EdATX View Post

For the Bbq probe? I'll have to try that. I moved the probe some, now reading 260. Meat at 156.


A pork butt is a long smoke for sure. You'll probably hit the stall soon, just wait it out and the meat temp will eventually start to climb again. You planning on wrapping?
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Not going to wrap on this one till its out. I've been hovering aid around 155-160 for about 3 hours now. I did turn it and spray it down. No opening again till ready.
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Sounds like you've got it all under control! Going to be real nice when done. How big is this butt?

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Was 7.5# there about.


out of the smoker



And result



I've really not had pulled pork before.  I need to see what BBQ place here in Austin has some.,  Also need to choose a better sauce.  I was using Stubbs original and it's a tad sweet for me. Spice level is to my liking and my dog will not leave me alone. He keeps looking for anything I drop.


I wouldn't mine trying to smoke a pork tenderloin next.

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Looks fantastic! Sauce is a personal preference, but from what I can see, you're not going to find better pulled pork! Pulled very well, looks moist and tender, very nice bark! Most of the people on this forum will tell you that they rarely go out for BBQ anymore, because they can get better at home! Very nice job, Your first attempt was a big success! So, what's next? Pork tenderloin?

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Nice job looks great!!! I agree Sota D I'm usually disappointed when I go out to dinner and order Q it's so much better at home.
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I made my own version of a Carolina Red.


Used apple cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, brown sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup, and some of that Stubbs sauce. Added some other spices.


I think next I'm just going to jump in and do a brisket weekend after this.  My work schedule might be busy for the last 2 weeks of the month with no time off.


Well, I got a ways to go.  I'll still go out. for some.  I'm going to try to go to Frankln's here at least once.  I went by Friday, but the line was looooong.

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