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Sweet and Spicy snack stix

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Hello everyone. I'm looking to make something different out of my next batch of snack sticks. I wanted to go more sweet and spicy with them, but I can't seem to find a suitable recipe. I don't want to add maple syrup to the ingredient list. I was thinking these ingredients to start. 

.25 % Cure #1 
2% Salt 
.3 % Pepper 
.15 % Garlic Powder 
1% Turbinado Sugar 
.2 % Cayenne 
.1 % Red Pepper Flakes 

The heat percentages are taken from my Andouille recipe so I know they'll workout. I might go a little lower initially and fry a taste test though. The 1 % sugar is what I use in my bacon to balance out the salt and I always like the salty sweetness of my bacon. Although that is used in a dry cure method, I'm not sure how much would be used in a sausage type setting.

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Maybe think a little honey?

Happy smoken.


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Well I've included the turbinado to hopefully get that sweetness for the balancing act. Would honey be better?

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When I think sweet spicy I usually think Honey. I'm sure the turbinado will work for sweetness but not sure how the flavor profile will turn out.
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