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Pork sale at FOOD LION

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For those of you who have a Food Lion near you check out the sale circular Boston Butt's 1.29 and CSR's at 1.49lb. Those are great prices.     Jted

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thanks, brother! I live in MD and hope the sale is up here also. Will look this afternoon.

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Wow, Nice prices , the best around here is 1.99 . :th_crybaby2:

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Thanks for the heads up!!! I just went to get the  fixings for my rub and was going to Costco for the pork butt.  DETOUR to Food Lion...:sausage:

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FYI  - Just got back from Shoppers grocery, Northern VA, and found full shoulders for $1.79lb.  They averaged 9-12lbs and had at least a 10 day expiration date as per the original stamp..

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