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pork shoulder picnic roast vs Boston butt

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I'm gong to make pulled pork and this will be my first time making one. I know most people say use pork butt is the way to go but right now on sale is pork shoulder picnic roast. What is the difference is one better then the other? So since it says pork sholder I was beting I could make pulled pork out of it. Any advice on cooking it I should know or tips would be helpful.
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shoulder is fine. What kind of smoker are you using? There are more than a few good  ways to do it. Depending on of course what you are cooking on and what kind of time frame. What size of shoulder etc... more info plz.

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I smoke on Masterbuilt Digital Smokehouse and use Traeger pellets. I'm thinking 8 lbs and I was hoping for it to be done by 5 pm and I can get up early to start it
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 The weight of the meat will give you an idea what time it will take to smoke as well as what temp you plan to smoke it at. Do you have an auxiliary temperature probe for the meat as well as the cooking chamber? The stock probes are known to be off. Just trying to help. I figure 2 hours per pound and a 2 hour rest at 165 internal wrapped up with some liquid of your choice at 225 degrees. But, Butts do not always comply and you may be looking at shorter or longer times depending on the piece of meat you are dealing with.  Never ever try to time a butt perfectly for a party. You will get your Butt kicked. This means in plain terms that eight pounder might take 25 hours or could be done in 14. You just never know. So if I were you I would leave yourself plenty of extra time. It will stay piping hot for 4 or 5 or more hours wrapped in two layers of foil and towells in a dry cooler. Or it freezes and comes back well. I like to do mine a day ahead if possible so there is no stress involved.

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Butt and shouldrer pulls best  a little over 200

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