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Another Easter Lamb

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My wife is ethnic Armenian, Born and raised in Buenos Aires.  In laws came for Easter, so naturally I was out to impress.  Marinated for about 36 hours in Red wine, tomato paste, a little red wine vinegar, onions, garlic and marjoram.  Made a little chimichurri with some mint in it on the side.  Butterflied and grilled it over oak directly.  One of the better lamb legs I've done.


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We do lamb chops with a mint/chimichurri at work and man is it good!!!

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Armenian and Brazilian background blend. Man, I can only imagine what goes on in your kitchen.

Like your lamb.
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I love Lamb, It's just so expensive around here, (Beef Country)  I ate a lot of lamb when I was in Baku



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SP, looks delicious !

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